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Shopping on A Budget: How to Look Fly for Under $100

Shopping on A Budget: How to Look Fly for Under $100
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Being who you are comes with a lot of fashion in itself. Does this sound too expensive? Well, maybe not. Interestingly, we can ensure a rational choice, stick to how much we want to spend and still look stylish. Shopping for the quality without exceeding your budget may seem hard, but it is really possible. Although this may not come just on the surface without making some real advance planning, it is so good to know that you can look fly for under $100.

How to Shop for Under $100

Anyone could find a lot of cheap-and-fancies out there, but the truth is that there are real classy wears and accessories which can keep your budget under $100. You would find it easy to get a range of quality clothing when you shop at affordable fashion yet trendy stores. Here is how

Plan: the first thing you should do is plan. Basically, get to know how much you earn and decide how much to spend on clothes for less than $100. With this, you would make up your mind from the onset not to exceed your budget.

Review: look within your wardrobe and find out the things you have. Then, you find a range of what you need. Having too much of a particular color could make you go for something else subsequently. You may even decide to sell some to save some cash.

Make a List and Scale Down: it is preferable to make a list of what would make an amazing closet for you. You don’t have to go for the cheap; just something classy. Then, scale down to what you really love to wear
Shop Rationally: you may decide to shop online, or on sale days. You can also choose which shop will afford you the best trends at affordable prices. All of these are just to make sure you make good choices that suit you.

Take Cash: when you plan to keep your budget under $100, rather than take credit cards on your shopping spree, it is better to take your cash with you. It will definitely help keep you off being tempted to exceed your list.


Shopping on a budget is common. However, rocking the trends under $100 is so distinct. Getting to plan ahead and choosing the right fashion store would afford you the luxury to have your dream wardrobe without breaking a bank. As you try to maximize your expenses, ranging from blouses to jackets and pants, you can still rock your world and look fly for under $100 and at A' LA' POSH, we have got you covered.

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