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The Best Types Of Shoes To Wear With Jumpsuits

The Best Types Of Shoes To Wear With Jumpsuits
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Jumpsuits are this season’s latest trend and there is no better way to rock this trend than to rock it with the right shoes. It is important to wear the appropriate shoes so your jumpsuit can give that Wow effect on you.

Wearing the wrong shoes can kill the look. Here are the best kind of shoes to accentuate your jumpsuit style: 

1. Medium Heeled Shoes

Every ladies favorite regarding comfort and style. Pair this up with some classically styled jumpsuit especially when you’re spoilt for choice
Wedge, thin or chunky heels you make your pick. Goes a long way in bringing out that glam look. Gunning for an electrifying street style, get a print jumpsuit and pair it up with red stilettos. A quick style hack.

2. Flat Dressy Thong Sandals

Not a fan of heels? There’s also room for you to look good on a jumpsuit. Sandals are comfy and give you room to run when you want to. Perfect for a day at the beach. Thong sandals work best with really wide legged or loose harem design jumpsuits. If you’re going ultra casual you can always get away with this look. From flip-flops to wide straps you choose which catches your fancy.

3. Boots

Any boot style works, from heel to flats. They give this urban style look when paired with tightly fitted jumpsuits.

Not all jumpsuits are baggy or loose, but when they are, your go-to option would be loose boots as well. A pair of an ankle or flat boots would give that sophisticated look.

4. Ballerina Flats

If you’re gunning for a very simple look either to the park or just some very casual outing. Think ballerina flats with your jumpsuit. Add spice to this look by going for the same color with your suit or go for the popular nude colored ballerina flats.

5. High Heels

Pumps and sandal high heels work best. A jumpsuit on its own gives a somewhat over the top look: It’s important you thread with caution when wearing these except you’re looking for all that attention at the party.
You would want the style to balance out the jumpsuit look. This will always mean heels.

Always remember that whatsoever type of shoes you choose, make sure you feel happy and comfortable wearing them. Because as you always know, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.


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