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3 Styles To Wear To Your Next Business Casual Event

3 Styles To Wear To Your Next Business Casual Event
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So, you have a business related, casual event, and you need to wear something that suits the outing. While you may want to look formal, you also don't want to come across as being stiff, neither do you want to look too informal. Well then, what can you wear to a casual business event and still look classy?

1. Dresses
What is meant by a dress in this sense is a straight cut, knee-length attire. Not too loose and definitely not body-hugging to avoid sending out wrong signals. The dress can be made from any fabric, so long that fabric is appropriate for official dresses. It is advisable that the dresses have sleeves if the design is sleeveless, then a jacket should be worn over it.

There are a variety of designs that fit the casual business design, so shopping for them should not be cumbersome. So long, you are aware of the do's and don't in the business casual world.

The footwear should be comfortable. Flat shoes or those with a little heel can still fit in. Sneakers should be avoided.


2. A Collared Shirt On A Skirt or Pants
This may well be the most common business casual attire worn in the corporate world today. By leaving out the tie and suit, it makes them look less formal and more relaxing. A Collared shirt of any pattern or printed design, matched with a pair of nice skirts or pants is appropriate for a business casual outfit.

A good footwear is required to pull off this look. Any footwear aside slip-on and sandals would be perfect on this attire.


3. Jackets
Yes, jackets and not the regular suits are perfect for business casual dressing. Non-matching jackets can be worn over a sleeveless blouse or dress. Jackets are a little bit informal and carefully fills in the bridge between business professional look and a business casual look.

Jackets can be worn with flats, well polished open-toed footwear, court shoes and so on are great for business casual outfits.

Truth is, business casual dressings can be very confusing to a beginner, the key to understanding it better, would be to study your senior colleagues and make necessary adjustments. These easy style tips mentioned above should also aid you.

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